Swimming Pools Layout Guide [Infographic]

Swimming Pools Layout Guide [Infographic]

Who doesn’t want a swimming pool in the comfort of their own home? Anyone can have a mini-summer vacation without paying big bucks and going through the inconvenience of packing, booking, traffic, or missed flights. Having a swimming pool built at home is a big investment, so a lot of things have to be carefully considered before taking the plunge (pun unintended).

Once you’ve decided that you want an inground swimming pool for your home, plan its layout thoroughly. Its shape will dictate the kind of swimming activities you and your family and friends will most likely be doing often. For swimming laps, a classic rectangular is best. If you like different kinds of watersports, an oval-shaped one with rounded edges can accommodate various types of sports equipment within its perimeter. On the other hand, a true L-shaped pool has room for both swimming laps and a shallow play area for smaller kids.Those who want a spa and pool combination often go for the kidney-shaped pool. It’s considered the friendliest shape for many backyards, too.

Aside from considering the pool’s shape, devote ample time in deciding which type will best suit your lifestyle, budget, and needs: vinyl, fiberglass, or concrete? Each one has special pros and cons that need to be weighed before a decision is made. If you need more tips and professional guidance on the selection of your swimming pool layout, you can get them from Glass Tile Store’s newest helpful infographic on the topic.

Swimming Pools Layout Guide from Glass Tile Store

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