2014 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

From being merely functional and serviceable in the past, the backsplashes of today have become a defining element in the overall design of a kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends in tiled backsplashes for 2014.


Clean and simple lines

It seems minimalism will never go out of style, as seen in plenty of new kitchen backsplashes that still use subway tiles. These classic tiles, named after the ceramic ones found in the early 1900s NYC subway ticket office, are known for their durability, soothing pattern, and convenient maintenance. As a contemporary twist, new subway tiles are waterproof, heat, mold, and mildew resistant, and can withstand humidity…perfect for a fully functioning, serene-looking kitchen.

We recommend:

The Brush Stone Asian Statuary marble tiles for your backsplash to finish the look of a predominantly white kitchen.


A bit of shimmer

Who says kitchens have to be drab and unglamorous? A bit of shimmer will work for a muted kitchen palette or even a bright, bold one. The combination of glass and metal tiles provides a modern, clean, and highly attractive addition to any kitchen wall. They are also ideal accents to stainless steel and chrome kitchen fixtures and appliances.

We recommend:

The Breeze Steel Ice Piazza Pattern metal and glass tiles featuring stainless silver, gunmetal, and super white tones in a random pattern.


Green is in

A fresh, soothing, and classic appeal can always be found in green-toned kitchen glass tiles. They give off a calming presence in one of the busiest areas of the home.

We recommend:

The Loft Seafoam Brick glass tiles for a serene, all-season backsplash that’s especially attractive with a muted, clean palette.


Weave some magic

Adding some rustic, cottage-y appeal in a contemporary dwelling is possible even with modern kitchen tiles. 3D “woven” tiles give a charming look and feel to your backsplash with a unique herringbone or basket-weave pattern that wows while doing the job.

We recommend:

3D Interlace Crema Marfil marble tiles as an accent wall or backsplash, paired with carefully curated art pieces or accessories.


Industrial and dramatic

Summon the ambiance of a professional kitchen with some stainless steel brushed metal tiles. The look is definitely industrial-chic and sophisticated. These tiles work best for very busy kitchens and look extra-attractive with a darker, more dramatic palette.

We recommend:

The Stainless Steel Brushed Metal brick pattern tiles for a fully-functioning kitchen backsplash that is truly stunning and contemporary in appearance.


Micro mosaic mystique

If you want to go bold with a variety of colors yet balk at the thought of large glass tiles, opt for micro mosaic tiles in different hues. They add a pop of color and instantly brighten up any area of the kitchen without overwhelming the senses.

We recommend:

The Fruit Platter 1×1 glass tiles for colorful panache. These cheerful glass tiles look especially charming when softly illuminated.

Robert F’s New Warm and Cozy Kitchen

Robert F’s New Warm and Cozy Kitchen

Glass Tile Store customer Bob F proudly shows off his kitchen makeover project. He selected the Alloy Golden Gate Glass and Marble mosaic tiles from our shop to install as his new backsplash. The result? Simply gorgeous.


The glass tiles’ warming tones of cream, red, and beige work wonderfully well with Bob’s speckled countertops and lightly varnished kitchen cupboards. With soft lighting, the combination of polished and wavy finishes make the glass tiles sparkle, and the marble ones glow with a special sheen. And thanks to the stovetop, the attractive brick-like pattern of the new backsplash gets reflected on the flat surface, too.


In the daytime, the tiles take on a more subtle yet still charming appeal. Bob chose a neutral palette for his kitchen, and the tiles manage to inject color in a natural, non-overwhelming manner to the makeover project.


And because the colors won’t chip off, this new backsplash will no doubt witness many years of meal preparation and warm, cozy kitchen memories. Congratulations on your handsome new backsplash, Bob! Thanks for making us a part of your kitchen project.

Karen M’s Snappy Backsplash

Karen M’s Snappy Backsplash

Skilled craftsperson, freelance journalist, and blogger Karen M sent us a couple of photos of her new backsplash. In her own words, she thinks: “It looks so snappy! We love it and your products are awesome.”

Well, looking at the final outcome, we simply have to agree. Karen purchased the fiery and bold Hell’s Kitchen Blend Squares 1/2″ X 1/2″ Glass & Metal Tiles from our shop for her kitchen backsplash. The result is a warm, bright, fully functional area that adds cheer to any meal-making task.


The combination of red glass tiles and square metal chips gives the backsplash an edgy, somewhat industrial look and feel without rendering it sterile and cold. The finish harmonizes polished and wavy textures, giving the backsplash even more of a visual and tactile impact that is irresistible to look at and touch.




Karen’s new backsplash, with its multi-dimensional effect and warmth, provides the perfect backdrop for her predominantly red-hued kitchen appliances and accessories. Clean, gloss-finished white countertops, stainless steel fixtures, and lightly-varnished wooden cupboards and cabinets complete the look.

Iridescent Interior Accents by the Emerson Brothers

We got another email from the talented team of Emerson Brothers Custom Homes! This time around, they were tasked to work on several projects for one client. They created a couple of custom built-ins: a wine bar and a media center, and needed some tiles to add a gorgeous accent to them.

The team selected the Mother of Pearl Oyster White glass tiles from the Glass Tile Store catalogue. The square-patterned tiles done in a polished finish add a sophisticated touch to the interior projects without overwhelming the other elements, including a neutral palette and toned-down furniture and decor.


The Emerson Brothers’ client has an understatedly classy fireplace flanked by symmetrical built-ins. The one to its left features a mini wine bar, white the right one has a cabinet. Both have shelves for ornaments and wine glasses, and are softly lit by an overhead light.


The gentle illumination makes the mini bar’s stemware, silver ice bucket, and other peripherals sparkle with invitation. The media center to the right features some framed photographs. Both built-ins glow with iridescence, thanks to the oyster-white appeal of the glass tiles.


The client, in the words of the Emerson Brothers, “loves it and has received so many compliments on the uniqueness of the tile.” We would also like to tip our hat to this talented interior team for thinking outside the box and using tiles normally selected for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes, and creating an elegant accent for living room built-ins with them!

Lora’s Charming Rustic Backsplash

Lora’s Charming Rustic Backsplash

Lora R sent us a couple of photos of her new kitchen backsplash. She used the Terrene Tuscany Sapling tiles from the Glass Tile Store, which combine multi-color bronze and blush hues for each tile. The tiles feature a wavy finish, imitating the look of naturally weathered wood, but with a distinctive sheen that adds a rustic charm to any kitchen.


While we think Lora’s hastily snapped photos don’t do her new kitchen justice, she assured us she loves how her project turned out. We can see that she used a clever combination of frosted glass and smooth chrome finishing for her kitchen cupboard. The presence of the new backsplash beneath the cupboards and surrounding the stainless steel exhaust hood softens the somewhat severe-looking materials.



With a few strategically placed lights, the tiles bounce off illumination in a warm and inviting way around the room. We would love to see more pictures of your beautiful kitchen, Lora!

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