Using Rustic Stone Tile for Your Summer Interiors

Using Rustic Stone Tile for Your Summer Interiors

Natural stone is an elegant, striking material born deep beneath the earth. It takes on unique colors, features, patterns, and characteristics during its formation. It produces different products for building and decoration. One of the most popular ones is rustic stone tile. Rustic stone tile is loved by decorators and homeowners because of its natural look. It is also more durable than ceramic tile. Here’s how you can use it to create a perfect summer look.

stone tile floor and walls

Stone tile can bring the outdoors into your wall and floors

Image via:  Christine Suzuki

Bring the Outdoors In

It’s easy to feel isolated from nature in a modern world. Stone tile can easily bring in the outdoors and give your interiors a natural look. It can help you to create a custom design in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Additionally, it looks good on any surface.

Decorate the Ceiling

Tiling is one of the most common ways of decorating a ceiling. It beautifies rooms, hides defects, and adds value. It also draws attention away from small spaces by making people focus on the ceiling. Use decorative stone tile like Jerusalem Gold With Wood Onyx to call attention to your gorgeous ceiling.

stone tile ocatve pattern

Jerusalem Gold with Wood Onyx tile

Image via: Tile Bar

Frame your Fireplace

Many homes have a natural wood fireplace and a brick surround and hearth. Give yours a new look that screams summer. Install rustic stone tile on the surround and paint the rest of the area white. You may need to convince some of your family members, but the end results will be worth it. You can also mix stone tile with wood for a more natural look.

stone bathroom tile

Beautify your bathroom shower with rustic stone

Image via: Mike Martin

Beautify Your Bathroom Shower

Stone tile brings a natural element to showers. When paired with a stone sink or a stone-framed mirror, it completes the room beautifully. Its rough and imperfect look gives bathrooms a casual, laid-back feel. Use large tiles like the Jerusalem Gold Beveled Marble Tiles to produce a continuous stone look throughout your bath.

If you have a bathtub, install wide bands of rustic tile on the walls and floors. Choose large tiles for the floor and smaller ones for the walls. You can also get them in different colors. Mixing styles and colors of tile creates an elegant, high-end look.

Rustic stone tile gives your home a cool and peaceful atmosphere. It creates a warm and inviting space where family and friends can gather. Its tarnished look can make any room look sophisticated. It is a perfect design element for summer interiors. When it is expertly installed and strategically placed, it creates the room of your dreams.

How To Expertly Display Tile Chair Rails In Your Bathroom

How To Expertly Display Tile Chair Rails In Your Bathroom

The use of chair rails date back to the 1600s. Their original purpose was to protect walls from damage by the backs of errant chairs. These days, it has multiple functions. It can be used to define a space, to divide walls, transition between materials, and to add elegance. If you’ve been thinking of remodeling your bathroom, give tile chair rails a try. They will help you to get the look and feel you want without breaking the bank. Here’s how to use them in purposeful ways.

glass tile chair rail bathroom idea

See how a tile chair rail can transform your bathroom project

Image via: Alan Design Studio

Install Tile Chair Rails Perfectly

Some professionals say that tile chair rails should be installed 32 or 36 inches above the floor. Others advise you to measure the length of a dining chair to get the correct height. However, both options aren’t accurate. Using a chair to determine how high your tile chair rail should be is like using a rug to measure the size of a room. Additionally, 36 inches is too high unless your ceiling is 16 ft tall. The best way to determine the height of your chair rail is by using masking tape or chalk. Place a strip of masking tape on the wall or draw a chalk line to help you visualize the height.

Use Tile Chair Rails as Wainscoting

Wainscoting is perfect for hallways, pantries, bathrooms, and any other place where walls can easily get damaged. It protects the walls and enhances the space. If you have wainscoting in your bathroom, add a tile chair rail on top to cap it off. These two elements add depth, texture, and architectural detail to the room. Most wainscoting styles work well with the Novel White Thassos Chair Rail.

Tile chair rail bathroom

Use a tile chair rail to transition between tile and wall paint

Image via: Roomscapes Luxury Design Center

Create Beautiful Borders for Contrasting Styles

You can separate different materials or styles in your bathroom with neutral tile chair rail like the Chair Rail Asian Statuary.  Install tiles or wainscoting on the lower part of the walls and paint or wallpaper the upper part. Chair rails add a beautiful accent and can be used in both bright and neutral bathrooms. They create a seamless transition and make a wall look stunning. They also create superb borders for contrasting paint.

tile chair rail asian statuary

Tile chair rail – Asian Statuary

Image via: Glass Tile Store

Tile chair rails divide walls beautifully. They are great options for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas in need of a two-toned look. They are more durable than wood chair rails and help you to give a room fresh appeal. They are easy to install and will make your house feel like a home.

How to Bring Patriotic Red into Your Tile Remodeling Project

How to Bring Patriotic Red into Your Tile Remodeling Project

Summer can’t be summer without thinking of patriotic colors, and what better way to bring the tones into your home then to add vibrant red to your tile remodeling? Red is a passionate, lively, and dominant color. It is the color of love, patriotism, fire, and blood. It works well with a range of decorating styles and color schemes. However, it can be tricky to work with especially in bold and bright shades. If you’re thinking of installing red tiles in your home, take inspiration from these ideas and do it the right way.

red tile backsplash kitchen

Pair red with white finishes for an eye-catching look!

Image via: Rob Bowen Design Group

Create Ravishing Backsplashes

When installing red tiles, use them sparingly. Red adds a lot of color and vibrancy and might overwhelm the space if used generously. Start with a small area like the backsplash before decorating the rest of the space. If your kitchen is well-lit, add glass mosaic tiles for some shimmer and bold color. You can also get tiles with linear bricks instead of squares to add contrast. If you’re going for a modern or transitional look, choose tile with different colors like Brick Pattern Copper Clay Blend as it makes your backsplash look less monolithic.

red tile_brick pattern copper clay blend

Bring rustic tones of red into your project

Image via: Glass Tile Store

Add Interest to Your Bathroom Walls

Many high-end restaurants use red tiles on their bathroom walls because red makes all skin tones look amazing. However, red tiles can make a bathroom look smaller so it is important to use them correctly. When used well, they can make a bathroom feel very warm and cozy.

The great thing about red tiles is that they come in a range of colors. You can get them in true red, cool reds like fuchsia or burgundy, or warm reds with a peppy orange. Reddish-orange tiles make walls look crisp and modern especially when paired with black, white, or gray shades. To make your bathroom feel light and open when using red, add a lot of lighting.

Revamp Your Floors

Red tile like Aperture Pattern Rojo Aleconte can transform your home into a lively and beautiful abode that appeals to everyone with its distinctive, timeless look. When using it on your living room floor, mix it with neutral colored tiles for an elegant look. Mixed red tiles are also ideal for those who don’t want to commit fully to the color.

red tile shower floor walls

Pair different size red tiles together in a shower for a captivating showering experience!

Image via: CAFElab Studio

Red is a stimulating hue that causes creates a sensual response. When used in your home, it becomes the defining element of a space. Bold red tiles can make people feel alive and energized while subtle ones can evoke ancient residential spaces. Whether you use darker red hues or bright candy apple red tones, you will love how it awakens your space. Regardless of what time of year it is, bringing red into your remodeling project will certainly create a stir!

Bringing the Traditional Back with Gorgeous Subway Tile Inspiration

Bringing the Traditional Back with Gorgeous Subway Tile Inspiration

Subway tiles are named after the ceramic tiles found in New York subway stations at the beginning of the 20th century. They are very popular with homeowners and decorators as they add a traditional touch to any space. They can make a splash in the bathroom and perk up a dull kitchen. If you want to give your home a classic touch with subway tiles, look to these ideas.

subway tile kitchen backsplash

How will subway tile inspire you?

Image via: IKEA

Pair Subway Tile with Colorful Grout

Pair white subway tiles with dark gray grout for a look that is truly traditional. Apply the grout in a running-brick pattern to define the edges of each tile. This not only adds depth to your space, it also adds interest. You can space the tiles more to create a pronounced outline and a bolder look.

White subway tiles with gray grout can transform a kitchen backsplash. When widely set, they make the grout more visible and add graphic appeal to the entire kitchen. Additionally, gray grout is easy to maintain as it does not stain or turn yellow like white grout.

Mix and Match with Accent Tiles

White subway tiles like loft super white polished glass tiles look stunning when mixed with accent tiles. While they are beautiful on their own, they can look a bit drab if used generously. Mix them with mosaic tiles or glass tiles for more pizzazz. Accent tiles can enliven subway tiles with their shapely edges and vibrant hues. They can transform a laid-back white wall into a color-infused one.

subway tile white kitchen

Subway tile white kitchen

Image via: Sharon Potnoy Design

Try a Timeless Update

Subway tiles always add timeless appeal to any space. They recall days gone by and make people think of pristine kitchens and bathrooms. When using them in your bathroom, do not limit them to the backsplash area. Use them on an entire wall for a classic, elegant look. You can pair them with white bathroom cabinets for a traditional touch.

Large subway tiles like the Asian Statuary Marble Tile can give a floor a sense of timelessness. When installing them, use wide grout lines for a distinguishing accent. You can also choose tiles with a specialty glaze or color for a gorgeous appeal to your interiors

subway tile asian statuary marble

subway tile asian statuary marble

Subway tiles have a classic, understated look that makes them highly versatile. They can be used just about anywhere and work well with both traditional and contemporary settings. Use the above tips to add classic touches to your home and impress all your guests.

Glam Up Your Posh Bathroom with Mirrored Glass Tile

Glam Up Your Posh Bathroom with Mirrored Glass Tile

Mirrored glass tile is very popular because of its beauty and striking color. It makes a big impact, is easy to install, and can be used in a number of ways. You can use it to perk up a room, highlight accents, or create the illusion of space. If you’re looking to transform your bathroom with glass tile, here are some fresh ideas.

stainless steel tile bathroom

Stainless steel tile has an industrial and sophisticated appeal

Image via: Anne Boa Interior Design

Create the Illusion of Space

Mirrored glass tile is perfect for small bathrooms in need of a major update. You may not be able to alter the size of your bathroom, but you can transform it into an area that feels modern and looks spacious. One way to do this is by using glass tile on an entire wall. An accent wall enhances the space and doubles the square footage. Choose tile in neutral colors and avoid dark tile as it can make the room look smaller.

Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

Mirrors amplify the light in a room but they tend to look bare when unframed. If you have a plain bathroom mirror, create a frame for it using tile. You can apply thinset to a wood frame that has been measured to fit the mirror and place glass tile on top. After it sets, apply grout on the tile and wipe any residue with a wet sponge.

Create Wall Art

You can use glass tile to create geometric shapes or specific patterns. Artistic tile like Artisan Beanstalk can also add dramatic flair to your bathroom. Wall art adds a lot of character and gives your bathroom a fresh, contemporary feel.

Artisan beanstalk glass tile store

Artisan Beanstalk mirrored tile is perfect for a custom look

Image via: Glass Tile Store

Enhance Your Shower or Bathtub Surround

Mirrored glass tile like Metallic Styx Twinkle Glass Tile can give your shower or bathtub the perfect update. You can pair it with tiles in the same color family for added effect. If you have a small bathroom, use oversized tile in the bathtub surround. Big tiles have fewer grout lines and make spaces look much bigger and airier. If you are decorating your shower, add tile from the floor to the ceiling and use one with the same color and size to create an illusion of continuous space.

mirrored tile ideas

Enhance the glam in your bathroom with mirrored tiles

Image via: Kallista Plumbing

Your bathroom is the best place to relax after a long, tiring day. It deserves as much attention as the other rooms in your home if not more. Use mirrored glass tile to make it look outstanding and it will quickly become your favorite room.